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Economics, Political Science, Society and Culture

Arseniy L. Sinitsa

Fertility in the European Part of the Russian North in 1990–2015

Olesya A. Suleymanova

Moving to a new place of residence: the item semantization in modern culture (on materials of the Kola Polar region)

Alexander Yu. Tsvetkov

The objectives and strategy of the spatial development (the case of the Solovetsky archipelago)

Natalya V. Drannikova

“Patrakeevka — a Pomor village”: local identity features of the Patrakeevka village residents, Primorsky district, the Arkhangelsk Oblast

Valeriy P. Zhuravel

The Arctic Council: transition of chairmanship from the US to Finland, further strengthening of Russian-Finnish cooperation

Nikolai P. Zalyvsky

Export-import economics of the northern regions of Russia at the crossroad of international sanctions: past and present, geopolitics of compromise

Elena V. Kudryashova, Konstantin S. Zaikov, Aleksander A. Saburov

Conditions and perspectives of the Russian and foreign Arctic research fleet

Aleksey I. Patonia

Critical evaluation of the Roan wind farm (part of the Fosen wind project) from an impact assessment standpoint

Yana M. Sannikova

Traditional economy of the indigenous people of the North Yakutia in the post-Soviet period: some research results

Said Kh. Khaknazarov

The study of public opinion on industrial mining in the Nefteyugansk district of Yugra

Maksim Yu. Zadorin, Oleg V. Minchuk

The ethnopolitics of Russia in the Arctic zone: integration, regional multiculturality, and tradition

Vyacheslav K. Zilanov

Delimitation between Russia and Norway in the Arctic: new challenges and cooperation

Anton M. Maximov, Kristina O. Malinina, Tatyana A. Blynskaya, Svetlana M. Balitskaya

Methodological and methodical aspects of studying the social well-being of the population of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the context of its value orientation

Andrey A. Todorov

The Russia-USA legal dispute over the straits of the Northern Sea Route and similar case of the Northwest Passage

Viktor V. Fauzer, Tatyana S. Lytkina, Galina N. Fauzer

State preferences for the people in remote and northern territories of Russia

Ingvill M. Elgsaas

Counterterrorism in the Russian Arctic: legal framework and central actors

Viktor I. Bragin, Natalya A. Matsko, Margarita J. Kharitonova

Estimation of efficiency of development of copper and gold deposits of Krasnoyarsk North

Ekaterina N. Egorova, Kseniya A. Tihonova

The function of urbanonyms in language and cultural space of the city (in terms of the analysis of urbanonyms of Arkhangelsk)

Dmitriy A. Matviishin

Foreign and domestic experience of economic development of the Arctic territories

Olga P. Sushko

Features of the dynamics of prices for agricultural products of the northern countries

Pavel V. Fedorov

About the appearance of the Russian border in Lapland (some results of the discussion)

Single-industry cities of the Russian Arctic

Irina V. Gladysheva

Structural policy for economic development of single-industry cities of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Evgeniy E. Plisetskiy, Ekaterina A. Malitskaya

The features of state and municipal management of the development of single-industry settlements in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Gennady F. Detter

Models for development of resources and territories of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Roman A. Kolesnikov, Ekaterina A. Suhova

The current social and economic condition of the cities of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and their innovative development

Rostislav I. Loktev, Sergey M. Zuev

Content analysis as a method to study the features of life of the resident population of coastal settlements of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Gennady F. Shafranov-Kutsev, Galina Z. Efimova

Specifics of life and pedagogical activity in the Far North (in terms of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District)

The Sámi: some aspects of Nordic research

Jukka Nyyssönen, Veli-Pekka Lehtola

Introduction. From depictions of race to revitalizing a people:aspects of research on the Sámi in Finland and Norway

Ritva Kylli

“The Lapps are used like camels in distant lands”: Sámi research in the northernmost parsonage of Finnish Lapland

Veli-Pekka Lehtola

Vanishing Lapps, progress in action. Finnish lappology and representations of the Sámi in publicity in the early 20th century

Lars Ivar Hansen

Perspectives on Sámi historiography

Jukka Nyyssönen

Väinö Tanner and the discourse on racial difference

Lena Ingilæ Landsem

Research into minorities: between science and politics


Igor V. Katorin

International dialogue about people in the Arctic: the topic of development of the human capital at the International Arctic Forum "Arctic: Territory of Dialogue"

Jani Karhu, Aleksandr Yu. Osipov

Tourism in the northern dimension (Some results of the Ninth International Congress on Arctic Social Sciences)

Natalia Е. Koroleva

The Second International Arctic Vegetation Archive and Classification Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, 30–31 March 2017

Anton M. Maximov

The “Arctic Encyclopedia”: The Paulsen Publishing House has issued a fundamental work

Valentina G. Golysheva

The Arctic Convoys and the Kara Expeditions (news from the British Center)

Yury F. Lukin

Solovki as an object of cultural heritage of the Arctic

Reviews and Reports

Alexander P. Oboimov

On the shore of the icy sea, among the rocks, and forests...

Sergey I. Shubin, Ivan V. Rogachev

"The neighbors on the roof of Europe" strengthen friendly relations