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No. 33

2018 год

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Social and Economic Development

Kalinina M.R., Kondratov N.A.

The innovative vector of the Nordic countries’ competitiveness: case of Sweden

Lipina S.A., Cherepovitsyn A.E., Bocharova L.K.

The preconditions for the formation of mineral and raw materials centers in support zones of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Sannikova Ya. M.

The traditional economy of Yakutia and AIC “Sever”: organizational and managerial decisions of the second half of the 1980s — 1991

Tereshchenko Elena Yu.

Dynamics of border tourism in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

Shishatsky N.G.

The prospects of the Northern and Arctic territories and their development within the Yenisei Siberia megaproject

Political Processes and Institutions

Demenev A.G., Shubina T.F., Shubina P.F., Nenasheva M.V., Makulin A.V., Tarasov I.A.

Public participation in planning a comfortable urban environment on the example of the Arkhangelsk region

Repnevskiy A.V., Zaretskaya O.V., Reutova A.A., Podoplekin A.O., Toptunov A.A.

Three lives of Norwegian consulate in Arkhangelsk

Haugseth P.

High North scenarios and subnational realities: policies and practices in the Norwegian/Russian border zone

Northern and Arctic Societies

Maksimov A.M., Ukhanova A.V., Smak T.S.

Sociocultural and socio-psychological factors of entrepreneurial potential in the Russian Arctic

Reviews and Reports

Avdonina N.S., Dolgoborodova S.O.

Covering geopolitical problems in the context of the Arctic exploration in the American media discourse (based on The New York Times content analysis)