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No. 44

2021 год

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Social and Economic Development

Badylevich R.V.

Analysis of Foreign Experience in the Financial Regulation of the Arctic Territories Development and Its Application in the Northern Regions of the Russian Federation

Brodt L.E.

Best Practices of Oil and Gas Companies to Develop Gas Fields on the Arctic Shelf

Druzhinin P.V., Shkiperova G.T.

Forecasting the Economic Growth Limitations in the Northern Regions Based on the “Sustainability Windows” Assessment

Chizhova L.A., Gubaidullin M.G.

Selection of HR-Strategy in the Location of the Transport-Technological System of Oil Fields in the Russian Arctic

Political Processes and Institutions

Zagorskiy A.V., Todorov A.A.

Military-Political Situation in the Arctic: Hotspots of Tension and Ways of De-Escalation

Pilyasov A.N., Tsukerman V.A.

Arctic Corporations and Development Risks: Challenge and Response

Northern and Arctic Societies

Gubina O.V., Provorova A.A.

The Role of Innovation in Solving the Demographic Problems of the Arctic: A Population Perception Study

Simakova A.V.

The Formation of a Career Trajectory by Students of Secondary Vocational Education in the Russian Arctic Zone

Sinitsa A.L.

Problems and Trends in the Development of Mass and Elitist Systems of General Education in the Far North

Suvorova I.M., Skoropadskaya A.A.

The Role of Self-Education in Preservation and Development of Human Capital in the Republic of Karelia: Socio-Cultural Aspect

Sukhanov G.G., Sukhanov S.G.

Doctrine on Food Security of Russia: Socio-Economic and Socio-Biological Aspects of Its Implementation in the Arctic

Fauzer V.V., Smirnov A.V., Lytkina T.S., Fauzer G.N., Klimenko V.A.

Small and Medium-Sized Towns in the Settlement System of the Russian North: 1939–2020

Reviews and Reports

Kvashnin Yu.N.

Yurak-Samoyeds: Problems of Ethnic Identification

Lobanov K.V., Chicherov M.V., Sharov N.V.

The 50th Anniversary of the Start of Drilling the Kola Superdeep Well

Nenasheva L.V.

Northern Miniature in the Ecclesiastic Book of the Early 19th Century