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No. 25

2016 год

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Economics, Political Science, Society and Culture

Sandi Lansetti

The “keep in the ground future” of Arctic fossil fuel resources

Jukka Nyyssönen

A cosmopolitan, Sami-friendly scholar? Väinö Tanner on the best way to treat the Sami

Irina S. Astakhova, Liliya R. Zhdanova

The geological heritage of academic expeditions on the Arctic coast of European Russia

Kseniia S. Babenysheva

Ethnodemographic processes among the Sami of modern Norway

Polina S. Golomidova, Aleksander A. Saburov

State policy towards indigenous peoples of Alaska: historical review and contemporary issues

Dmitry P. Kondral, Nikolai A. Morozov

Studying the Russian Arctic: the experience of political analysis

Ekaterina S. Kotlova

Searching for balance: Swedish ethnic policy model today

Olga E. Medvedeva, Marina A. Vakula

Technique of the selection of investment projects for elimination of accumulated damage to the environment in the Russian Arctic based on cost-benefit analysis

Lia A. Melkaya

The possibilities of social planning in the aspect of training of children-northerners with special needs to independent adult life

Oleg V. Minchuk

Ethnonational policy of the Komi Republic: normative and infrastructural support

Olga O. Smirnova, Svetlana A. Lipina, Elena V. Kudryashova, Tatyana F. Krejdenko, Yulia N. Bogdanova

Creation of development zones in the Arctic: methodology and practice

Flera H. Sokolova

Migration processes in the Russian Arctic

Nikolay G. Shishatsky, Elena A. Bryukhanova, Valery S. Efimov, Alexander M. Matveev

Strategic positioning of the Arctic region as an object of territorial development (on the example of the Khatanga-Anabar region)

Reviews and Reports

Anna M. Gornova

Review of fishing in the Arctic waters

Yury F. Lukin

The Arctic tourism in Russia