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No. 45

2021 год

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Social and Economic Development

Mustafaev A.A., Naydenov N.D., Novokshonova E.N.

Increasing the Multiplier Effect of the Agro-Industrial Complex in the Northern Region: New Guidelines for Strategic Development

Rodnina N.V.

The Food Security Doctrine: Regional Aspects

Serova N.A.

Peculiarities of Financing Road Activities in the Arctic Region: the Experience of the Murmansk Oblast

Khaimina L.E., Zelenina L.I., Khaimin E.S., Antufyev D.I.

Reindeer Tracking Technologies in the Russian Federation

Shchegolkova A.A.

Spatial Organisation of Gas Resources Development in the Yamal Oil and Gas Bearing Region

Political Processes and Institutions

Kirgizov-Barskiy A.V.

European Union and Cooperation in the Arctic Council

Konyshev V.N., Lagutina M.L.

Human Security in the Arctic: Threats through the Prism of the "Northern Mentality"

Northern and Arctic Societies

Kondratyeva S.V., Moroshkina M.V.

Tourism and Recreation of the Russian Arctic Population: Opportunities and Limitations

Skufina T.P., Samarina V.P., Baranov S.V., Bazhutova E.А.

Socio-Demographic Processes in the Russian Arctic in Statistical Assessments and Population Surveys

Terentyeva M.A.

Labor Market Features in the Russian North: Employment, Wages and the Role of Northern Allowances

Sharova E.N., Nedoseka E.V.

Vocational and Educational Attitudes of Young People in the Context of the Migration Outflow of the Population of the Arctic Territories (on the Example of the Murmansk Oblast)

Reviews and Reports

Bouffard T.J., Uryupova E., Dodds K., Romanovsky V.E., Bennett A.P., Streletskiy D.

Scientific Cooperation: Supporting Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring and Data Sharing

Lipina S.A., Lamov P.Yu.

Conservation and Evolution of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems: Polar Factor

Lukin Yu.F.

About Russian Alaska and Its Ruler A.A. Baranov

Simashko T.V., Maslova M.N., Morozova N.S.

Regional Linguistic Worldview Modelling Based on the Texts of Arctic Travels of the 18th – 19th Centuries