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No. 49

2022 год

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Social and Economic Development

Barasheva T.I.

Approaches to Assessing and Monitoring of the Budget Potential Use in the Far North

Vopilovskiy S.S.

Strategic Trends in Energy Development of the Northern Territories of Russia

Kozmenko S.Yu., Kozmenko A.S.

The Arctic Geo-Economy: Mobility of Strategic Oil Resources at the End of Globalization

Osipova E.E., Avagina O.I.

Developing Russian Arctic Exports in a Changing Logistics Environment

Tsukerman V.A., Goryachevskaya E.S.

Innovation Potential of the Arctic Regions of Russia

Shchegolkova A.A.

Spatial Organization of Gas Resources Development on the Arctic Shelf of the Russian Federation

Political Processes and Institutions

Zhuravel V.P., Timoshenko D.S.

The Russian Arctic, Sanctions Pressure and Geopolitical Instability

Stepanov I.A., Smolovik E.V., Kazakovtseva A.A.

The International Dimension of Norwegian Arctic Policy and the Accumulated Capital of Russian-Norwegian Cooperation

Northern and Arctic Societies

Afonkina Yu.A., Zhigunova G.V.

Readiness of Social Environment for Inclusion of “Atypical” Children in Regional Society of the Euro-Arctic Territories of Russia

Kondrateva S.V.

The Tourism Vector for the Karelian Arctic Development

Nedoseka E.V., Sharova E.N.

Vocational and Educational Strategies of SVE Students (Based on a Survey in the Murmansk Oblast)

Saburov A.A., Minchuk O.V., Tsikhonchik N.V., Nikiforov A.S., Zaikov K.S.

Staffing of the Leading Enterprises of the Shipbuilding, Forest and Fishing Industries of the Arkhangelsk Oblast: the Experience of a Sociological Survey

Simakova A.V., Stepus I.S.

The Russian Arctic Image at the Present Stage of Development: Romance or Pragmatism?

Reviews and Reports

Zarubina L.A., Popkova S.V., Kuznetsova S.Yu.

Outcomes of the International Forum of Young Scientists “Russia in the Arctic Dialogue: Global and Local Contexts”

Lobanov K.V., Dokuchaev A.Ya., Kulakov F.V., Chicherov M.V.

History of the First Ore Prospecting Expedition of 1491 in the Arctic Zone of the Russian State

Fedorov P.V.

Between Ocean and Mainland: Versions and Diversifications in Industrial Development of the Kola Peninsula