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No. 54

2024 год

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Social and Economic Development

Artemyev А.А., Sidorova E.Yu.

Issues of Application of the Customs Procedure of a Free Customs Zone in the Arctic

Zaikov K.S., Spiridonov A.A., Fadeev A.M.

Cooperation between Russia and China in the Arctic Energy Sector: A Strategic Perspective

Korchak E.A.

Social Risks of Achieving Sustainable Development in the Arctic Region

Shchegolkova A.A.

Assessment of Industrial Gas Content in the Yamal and Gydan Oil and Gas Bearing Areas

Political Processes and Institutions

Petrovskiy V.E.

A New Military and Political Landscape in the Arctic: China Perspective

Rozhneva S.S.

Model of Electoral Behavior of a Resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation in Regional Elections of the Highest Official (2013–2022)

Satikov R.V., Kim V.M.

Policy of the Republic of Korea in the Polar Regions in 2023–2033

Trunov P.O.

Features and Perspectives of NATO`s Strategic Penetration into the Arctic: The Norwegian Dimension

Northern and Arctic Societies

Balabeykina O.A.

Orthodox Religious Infrastructure in the Tourism and Recreation Sphere of the Murmansk Oblast

Matrosova O.P., Popova O.A., Fedorova I.L.

On the Study of the Native Language of the Ob-Ugric Ethnos: Scientific Foundations

Nedoseka E.V., Sharova E.N., Shorokhov D.M.

Shrinking Cities of the Russian Arctic: Statistical Trends and Public Discourse on the Causes of Population Outflow

Tsvetkov A.Yu.

Water Transport in Arctic Tourism Logistics

Reviews and Reports

Astakhova I.S., Zhdanova L.R.

Geological and Geographical Expedition of A.A. Keyserling and P.I. Krusenstern to the European North-East of Russia

Nielsen J.P., Tevlina V.V.

“From Northeast Passage to the Northern Sea Route”. A New Publication on the History of the Northern Sea Route

Troshina T.I.

Efforts to Restore the White Sea Fishing Fleet in the Initial Period of the NEP