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No. 1

2011 год

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Editorial Note

Yrii Lukin

Dear readers

Galzichev V. L.

I would like to wish to magazine

Kefeli I. F.

M. V. Lomonosov was one of those seers of our earth Russian which has forever predetermined development geostrategic

Regional Studies

Pavel V. Fedorov

Russian power will grow not only with the help of Siberia but with the help of North

Social Philosophy

Dregalo A. A., Ulyanovskiy V. I.

“Nordman”: preconditions to social and cultural typolo-gy of Northern man

Human Capital

Shraga M. H.

Circumpolar habitat: safety And health of population

Cultural science, ethnic and cultural landscape

Lukin Yury F.

Performance of an ethno cultural landscape of Arctic regions in global and regional measurements

Okunev Y.P.

The wealth of the country, М.V. Lomonosov didn’t see in a vast, but not in unsettled territory, but in increasing the number of population


Shybin S. I.

The European North of Russia as the bridgehead of Arctic developing

Vladimir P. Sokolov

Chronicle of Trans – Arctic passage

Economics and Management

Selin V. S., Vasiliev V. V.

Trends and risks of economical activity in Arctic in long-term climate change

Gnezdov S.V.

Try always to be at the forefront of the development of Arctic, to cooperate with the municipalities

Sein V.S.

The future of the Arctic – difficult synthetic problem

History: New Publication

Razumova I.A.

The North count city in the miracle of the historical demographic

Batalova N.V.

The New book of Glyn Williams «Arctic labyrinth: search of the North - Western passage»