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No. 8

2012 год

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Konyshev V. N., Sergunin A. A.

The strategy of Canada in the Arctic and Russia: is it possible to find mutual understanding?

Lukin Y. F.

Putin’s breakthrough in Arctic

Morscikhina L. A.

« Arctic-Fund » − is the territory of dialogue

Social Sciences

Kashkina L. V.

Social well-being of the population of the mono-specialized city

Vyazmin A. M., Sannikov A. L., Mordovsky E. A.

Social and medical problems of the population of the circumpolar countries – challenges of the modern development of the Arctic

Biological Sciences

Erofeevskaya L. A., Aleksandrov A. R.

The influence of radio nuclides on the soil microbial community on the territory of the underground nuclear explosion ‛Kraton- 3’ (Yakutia)


Zobnin A. N.

To the question about the Northern Sea Route in the history of the Polar expedi-tion of V. Rusanov

Fedorov P. V., Golovach R. I.

The historical types of the settlements on the Kola Peninsula, like landscape ‛texts’ of the Russian exploration

Economics and Management

Yurkov D. V.

The management of the regional informatization

Kibitkin A. I., Smirnova K. A.

Sustainable use of natural resources in the Arctic in the field of industrial fisheries (social-economic and environmental issues)

New Publications

Gnezdov S. V.

About the new book of L. I. Nevzorov ‛Tracks of the vagabonds’

Fedorov P. V.

Who cultivated Russian North? Objection to the Norwegian author

The results of the photo competition «My North. My Arctic»

Resolution XV Selovetsky Forum «Russian Arctic: history, present, perspectives»




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