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No. 9

2012 год

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Zalivsky N. P.

The mission of Russia − is to be an example of building the world power with the optimal social – cultural model of the development of the nations

Lukin Y. F.

Stockman can’t be frozen

Portsel A. K.

Russia remains on Shpitsbergen

Social Sciences

Akimova Z. I., Nikonova L. I.

Museums and ethno tourism in the promoting the ethno culture of the Arctic in-habitants in the social space of the North: to the problem through the research experience of Mordovia Diaspora in Siberia and the central part of Russia

Boyakova S. I.

Russian old-settlers Yakutia: culture and landscape

Vinokurova D. M.

Migration and family-marriage relationships – are the challenges of modern time: Gender aspect (according to the sociological researchers)

Vinokurova L. I.

Russian woman in the rural Yakutia in the second half of the ХХ century

Nazarenko A. P.

The problem of the social exclusion of the working emigrants in the light of the development of the Arkhangelsk region

Fillipova V. V.

Indigenous people of the North in the Arctic area of Yakutia: geo-informational research of the settlement in the ХХ century

Economics and Management

Andrianov V. A.

Formation of the transport infrastructure of the Russian sector of the Arctic in the XXI century

Timoshenko A. I.

Projects of the territorial and productive complexes in the Arctic: the soviet experiment and the modern situation

Geography, Biology

Kupershtoh N. A.

The researchers of the Melnikov Permafrost Institute of SB RAS as the basis for the modern «Arctic breakthrough»

Repnitsyna О. N., Popova L. F.

The transformation of the mobile forms of the copper in the seasonally frozen soils of the Arkhangelsk region




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Elert A. K.

New book about Arctic – 'Directions of the projects in the high latitudes' (Novosibirsk: Science, 2011. 440 p.)