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No. 51

2023 год

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Social and Economic Development

Badylevich R.V.

Trends and Prospects of Attracting Foreign Investment in Arctic Megaprojects under Geopolitical Tension

Biev A.A.

Formation of Territorial Heat Supply Systems in the Northern and Arctic Regions of Russia

Burtseva E.I., Sleptsov A.N., Bysyina A.N.

Industrial Development of the Territories of the Arctic Zone of Yakutia and Ethnological Expertise of Investment Projects

Vopilovskiy S.S.

Innovation Processes in the Energy Sector of the Arctic Region

Lyovkina A.O., Detter G.F., Gladun E.F., Zabolotnikova M.V.

Problems and Prospects for Sustainable Development of the Arctic Local Economies: The Case of the Shuryshkarskiy District

Political Processes and Institutions

Bhagwat J., Khalturinskaya V.A.

Evolution of Russian State Policy for Development of the NSR (2018–2022): Influence of Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Factors

Hua J.

The Impact of India’s International Discourse on Its Arctic Policy

Northern and Arctic Societies

Volkov A.D., Karginova-Gubinova V.V., Tishkov S.V.

Ecological Problems and Peculiarities of the Environmental and Economic Development of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Kondrateva S.V.

The Choice of Tourist Destinations by Residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation: General Trends and Specifics (2004–2021)

Kuznetsova M.N., Vasilyeva A.S.

Demographic Situation in the Arkhangelsk Oblast: Analysis and Solutions

Tsvetkov A.Yu.

Prospects of Arctic Tourism in Russia in Current Conditions

Reviews and Reports

Wang J.

Research by M.V. Lomonosov on the Arctic and the Concept of Creating an Electronic Database “Digital Lomonosov” in Russian and Chinese

Nenasheva M.V.

Resilience of Arctic Communities: Concept, Methodology and Research Directions

Polikarpov A.M., Druzhinina M.V.

Russian-Chinese Transfer of Humanitarian Scientific Heritage of M.V. Lomonosov in the Context of Digitalization and Education in the North of Russia

Strogova E.A.

The Origin of the Russkoust'intsy Ethnic Group and Exploration Work in the Indigirka River Delta