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Social and Economic Development

Belov S.V., Skripnichenko V.A.

Spatial Organization of the National Economy in the Development of Non-Ferrous Metal Deposits in the Western Part of the Russian Arctic

Korchak E.A.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of Single-Industry Towns in the Russian Arctic

Mustafaev A.A., Naydenov N.D., Naydenova T.A.

Key Aspects of the Economic Potential Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Northern Regions (Case Study of the Komi Republic)

Filimonova I.V., Ivanova M.V., Kuznetsova E.A., Kozmenko A.S.

Assessment of Effectiveness of New Economic Growth Centers in the Arctic

Badylevich R.V.

Trends and Prospects of Attracting Foreign Investment in Arctic Megaprojects under Geopolitical Tension

Biev A.A.

Formation of Territorial Heat Supply Systems in the Northern and Arctic Regions of Russia

Burtseva E.I., Sleptsov A.N., Bysyina A.N.

Industrial Development of the Territories of the Arctic Zone of Yakutia and Ethnological Expertise of Investment Projects

Vopilovskiy S.S.

Innovation Processes in the Energy Sector of the Arctic Region

Lyovkina A.O., Detter G.F., Gladun E.F., Zabolotnikova M.V.

Problems and Prospects for Sustainable Development of the Arctic Local Economies: The Case of the Shuryshkarskiy District

Agamagomedova S.A.

Customs Control in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Bezhan A.V.

Improving the Efficiency of Heat Supply Systems in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation Through the Use of Wind Power Plants (The Case of the Murmansk Oblast)

Vasilyev A.M., Lisunova E.A.

Is It Possible to Change Arctic Fish Pricing?

Kozmenko S.Yu., Kozmenko A.S.

Economic Conjuncture of Arctic Natural Gas in the New Geopolitical Conditions

Krasnopolskiy B.Kh.

Transformation of the Development Processes of Transboundary Territories of the Far Eastern Arctic and Mechanisms of Their Regulation: The Role of Critical Infrastructure

Kozhina E.V., Sergeeva K.I.

Availability of Budget Investments for Regions under the Program-Targeted Approach to Budget Formation (On the Example of Municipalities of the Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Bazhutova E.A., Skufina T.P.

Integrated Processing of Mineral Raw Materials: Factors of Readiness and Resistance of Economic Entities

Agarkov S.A., Koshkarev M.V.

Prospective Development of Arctic Coal Reserves on the Basis of Spatial Organization of Communications

Aleksushin G.V.

The Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet and Its Role in the Economic Development of the Northern Sea Route

Bazhutova E.A., Skufina T.P.

Assessment of Readiness of the Regional Economic System for the Implementation of the Concept of Integrated Processing of Mineral Resources (On the Example of the Murmansk Oblast)

Ivanova M.V., Fedorova O.A.

Possibilities of Arctic Oil Transportation to the Refineries of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Minchuk O.V., Saburov A.A., Zaikov K.S., Tamitskiy A.M., Nikiforov A.S.

Interaction between Enterprises of the Real Economy Sector of the Russian Arctic Zone and Educational Organizations (Using the Example of the Arkhangelsk Oblast): Content, Trends and Assessments

Pilyasov A.N.

Algorithm for Overcoming the Monoprofile of the Arctic City: The Case of Norilsk

Chizhova L.A., Khadyko A.I.

Development of Aquaculture in the Northern and Arctic Territories: Problems and Solutions (On the Example of the Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Political Processes and Institutions

Akimov R.Kh.

The Arctic with Chinese Characteristics

Bhagwat J.V.

Maritime Shipping in the Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Safety Must Be Reflected in the State’s Transport Policy

Teterin A.V.

Prevention and Resolution of Constitutional Conflicts in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Bhagwat J., Khalturinskaya V.A.

Evolution of Russian State Policy for Development of the NSR (2018–2022): Influence of Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Factors

Hua J.

The Impact of India’s International Discourse on Its Arctic Policy

Zhuravel V.P., Timoshenko D.S.

On the Outcomes and Lessons of Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2021–2023)

Konyshev V.N.

Science Diplomacy in the Arctic and Antarctic

Northern and Arctic Societies

Kuratova L.A.

Features of Digitalization of the Arctic Regions of Russia

Romashkina Yu.V.

Differentiation of the Northern Regions of Russia in Terms of Labor Potential

Saburov A.A., Nikiforov A.S., Minchuk O.V.

Preservation of the Nenets Language in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug: Based on Sociological Survey

Trapitsin S.Yu., Granichina O.A., Agapova E.N., Zharova M.V.

Health as an Indicator of the Quality of Life and Subjective Well-Being of Children and Youth of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation

Volkov A.D., Karginova-Gubinova V.V., Tishkov S.V.

Ecological Problems and Peculiarities of the Environmental and Economic Development of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Kondrateva S.V.

The Choice of Tourist Destinations by Residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation: General Trends and Specifics (2004–2021)

Kuznetsova M.N., Vasilyeva A.S.

Demographic Situation in the Arkhangelsk Oblast: Analysis and Solutions

Tsvetkov A.Yu.

Prospects of Arctic Tourism in Russia in Current Conditions

Matvienko I.I.

Current Problems of Indigenous Minorities of the Russian Arctic in the Context of Climate Change

Pitukhina M.A., Belykh A.D.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Russian Arctic: The Case of the Murmansk Oblast

Knyazeva G.A., Porotnikova N.A., Antipov V.V., Makukha V.V.

Arctic Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of the Territory: Research of the Interest of Local Stakeholders in the Komi Republic

Suleymanov A.A., Lytkin V.M., Vinokurova L.I., Grigoryev S.A., Fedorov S.I., Golomareva V.Yu., Basharin N.I., Aprosimov D.A.

Rural Communities of Yakutia in Conditions of Permafrost Degradation: Key Risks, Social Consequences, and Adaptation Mechanisms

Khaymina L.E., Zelenina L.I., Khaymin E.S., Fedkushova S.I.

Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare System of the Arctic Regions of the Russian Federation

Bogdanova E.N., Voronina L.V., Timushev E.N., Petrov E.Yu.

The Market of Traditional Food Products of Indigenous Minorities of the European North of Russia: Big Data Analysis

Zhigunova G.V., Sharova E.N.

Barriers and Factors of Tourism Business Development in Russia and the Arctic (Based on the Results of an Expert Survey)

Leonidova E.G.

Tourism in the Subjects of the European North of Russia after the COVID-19: Assessment of the State and Prospects of Development

Morozov A.A.

Tourist Attractiveness Based on the National and Territorial Identity of the Northern Region: The Example of the Republic of Karelia

Saburov A.A., Nikiforov A.S., Minchuk O.V.,

Employers' Assessment of Competences of the Employees of the Shipbuilding, Forestry and Fishing Industries of the Arkhangelsk Oblast in the Context of the Development of Digitalization and Automation of Production

Smirnov A.V.

“Digital Twin” of the Arctic Population in Demographic Research and Territorial Development Management

Reviews and Reports

Goldin V.I.

The North on the Pages of Encyclopediс Editions on the Civil War in Russia: Problems of Interpretation and Representation

Lukin Yu.F.

2022: The Russian Arctic in Times of Change

Terebikhin N.М.

Zemstvo Tradition as a Particularly Valuable Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Russian North

Filin P.A.

The Project “Arctic Oral Memory” as an Audiovisual Resource on the History of the Arctic Exploration and Exploitation

Wang J.

Research by M.V. Lomonosov on the Arctic and the Concept of Creating an Electronic Database “Digital Lomonosov” in Russian and Chinese

Nenasheva M.V.

Resilience of Arctic Communities: Concept, Methodology and Research Directions

Polikarpov A.M., Druzhinina M.V.

Russian-Chinese Transfer of Humanitarian Scientific Heritage of M.V. Lomonosov in the Context of Digitalization and Education in the North of Russia

Strogova E.A.

The Origin of the Russkoust'intsy Ethnic Group and Exploration Work in the Indigirka River Delta

Polikarpov A.M., Druzhinina M.V., Polikarpova E.V.

All-Russian Scientific and Educational Project “Preserve the Nenets Language and Culture Together”: Experience of Interaction and Prospects for Implementation

Stepus I.S., Averyanov A.O., Rodion I.V.

Review of Scientific Publications on the Study of Population Migration in the Russian A

Zadorin M.Yu.

Overview of International Standards and Russian Legislation on Climate Change Adaptation

Kazantseva N.V.

Results of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Yenisey Arctic”

Zhang Yu.

Positions of Russian and Chinese Expert and Analytical Centers on Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Arctic