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No. 52

2023 год

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Social and Economic Development

Agamagomedova S.A.

Customs Control in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Bezhan A.V.

Improving the Efficiency of Heat Supply Systems in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation Through the Use of Wind Power Plants (The Case of the Murmansk Oblast)

Vasilyev A.M., Lisunova E.A.

Is It Possible to Change Arctic Fish Pricing?

Kozmenko S.Yu., Kozmenko A.S.

Economic Conjuncture of Arctic Natural Gas in the New Geopolitical Conditions

Krasnopolskiy B.Kh.

Transformation of the Development Processes of Transboundary Territories of the Far Eastern Arctic and Mechanisms of Their Regulation: The Role of Critical Infrastructure

Kozhina E.V., Sergeeva K.I.

Availability of Budget Investments for Regions under the Program-Targeted Approach to Budget Formation (On the Example of Municipalities of the Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Bazhutova E.A., Skufina T.P.

Integrated Processing of Mineral Raw Materials: Factors of Readiness and Resistance of Economic Entities

Political Processes and Institutions

Zhuravel V.P., Timoshenko D.S.

On the Outcomes and Lessons of Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2021–2023)

Konyshev V.N.

Science Diplomacy in the Arctic and Antarctic

Northern and Arctic Societies

Matvienko I.I.

Current Problems of Indigenous Minorities of the Russian Arctic in the Context of Climate Change

Pitukhina M.A., Belykh A.D.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Russian Arctic: The Case of the Murmansk Oblast

Knyazeva G.A., Porotnikova N.A., Antipov V.V., Makukha V.V.

Arctic Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of the Territory: Research of the Interest of Local Stakeholders in the Komi Republic

Suleymanov A.A., Lytkin V.M., Vinokurova L.I., Grigoryev S.A., Fedorov S.I., Golomareva V.Yu., Basharin N.I., Aprosimov D.A.

Rural Communities of Yakutia in Conditions of Permafrost Degradation: Key Risks, Social Consequences, and Adaptation Mechanisms

Khaymina L.E., Zelenina L.I., Khaymin E.S., Fedkushova S.I.

Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare System of the Arctic Regions of the Russian Federation

Reviews and Reports

Polikarpov A.M., Druzhinina M.V., Polikarpova E.V.

All-Russian Scientific and Educational Project “Preserve the Nenets Language and Culture Together”: Experience of Interaction and Prospects for Implementation

Stepus I.S., Averyanov A.O., Rodion I.V.

Review of Scientific Publications on the Study of Population Migration in the Russian A